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Graphene Coating

Discover superior graphene coating for your vehicle in Kochi. Our advanced solution provides long-lasting protection against UV rays and environmental damage.
Enjoy long-lasting shine and enhanced scratch resistance with this cutting-edge technology. Trust our experts for a flawless finish.
Elevate your car's appearance with our top-rated graphene coating services in Kochi.
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Super-premium surface coating family that self-cleans, Providing outstanding gloss, protection and durability.
Cutting Edge Protection

Using a liquid nanoceramic coating, we can surround your vehicle in a shield that’s flexible, rigid, and totally clear.

Showroom Ready

Coating creates a mirror like effect on the car’s body, creating a depth of color unlike anything else

No More Wax

Coated surface is incomparably slick, preventing dirt and dust from sticking to the paint. You will never need it waxed ever again!

One Application

The coating protects your original factory paint with a surface that’s more than twice as durable as normal clear coat

Competitive Pricing

Rosho offers competitive pricing packages in Miami for Ceramic Pro installation

Certified Installer

Rosho Detailing is a certified Ceramic Pro installation center


The proof is in our experience and our results. Our detailing and refinement skills are globally recognized and highly acclaimed.

5 Star Service

We offer out of this world detailing services

Rosho | The Auto Detailer
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Rosho | The Auto Detailer
There is no one answer to this question as different people have different preferences. Although both the innovations appear similar, the output they give are very different. Both give protection against water, dust, and grime, but graphene is much stronger than ceramic coating.
A graphene coating is an evolution of ceramic coating technology. Utilizing the latest graphene based technology to make a stronger, more durable coating that is easier to apply. In addition since Graphene is a less reactive ingredient it has been shown that Graphene based coatings are less prone to water spotting or etching compared to ceramic based chemistries.
There are a few reasons Graphene Coatings are better:
Graphene Matrix utilizes this innovative technology to make a formula that takes ceramic coatings to the next level. Due to their graphene chemistry, these coatings can be easier to apply while providing additional benefits and results. With Graphene Matrix you should expect an incredibly high performing coating that is on the upper 99 percentile of gloss, with extremely high durability and incredible hydrophobic functions relating to very, very easy maintenance and cleaning. Increased resistance to water spotting, etching and other forms of damage that can be caused by the environment.
Graphene Coatings: Exciting Properties and Wide-Ranging …
Graphene coatings can also serve as protective coatings with superior chemical, moisture, corrosion, UV, and fire-resistance properties. On medical devices, these coatings would provide a biocompatible surface that is resistant to degradation.
Rosho | The Auto Detailer
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